Healing Can be Simple and Quick

One of our recent online Boot Camp graduates sent in the following Case as part of her certification. It clearly shows how we can use tapping to facilitate our lifestyle and overall health.

Client Identifiers: Client MB

Age: 67

Sex: Male

Presenting Condition: Hypertension

Relevant Factors: This client has suffered from hypertension for 10+ years. In order to evaluate the need for continued pharmaceutical intervention, the client’s primary care physician (internist) instructed the client to measure his blood pressure three times daily using a heart rate monitor. The client asked me for help in addressing his condition as he hoped to avoid having to take medication.

Baseline SUD: 0 Baseline Blood Pressure: 143/92

When tuning into his hypertension, the client reported feeling no noticeable symptoms or distress. Therefore, we used his heart rate monitor to establish his baseline blood pressure.

The diagnostic and treatment Processes: Using muscle testing and tuning his thought field we proceeded to determine a specific tapping sequence for him and his hypertension. While his sequence was similar to one of the algorithms for anxiety disorders, it was a unique sequence to him and his blood pressure.

Next I asked the client to complete the 9 Gamut Sequence while tuning into his blood pressure.

Then I asked the client to tap the sequence of majors we established during the diagnostic process (e, eb, a, tf).

Next we retook the client’s blood pressure using his heart rate monitor. His blood pressure was 124/76. The client was really excited by the result, which was approaching the “normal range”.

As the client was satisfied with the treatment results, I guided him through the floor to ceiling eye roll.

Practitioner Observations: Following the initial treatment, I suggested that the client tap the established sequence of majors, the 9 Gamut Sequence, followed by the sequence of majors, and the floor to ceiling eye roll three times a day. Apparently as a result, the client experienced a marked drop in the results of his daily blood pressure monitoring. Based on these results his doctor revised his diagnosis from hypertension to pre-hypertension and instructed the client to address his condition by taking 81mg of aspirin daily, altering his diet, and beginning an exercise regimen rather than by taking prescription medication. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome and continues to tap daily.